KV4 Velomobile Technical Data

KV4  VelomobileTechnical data


Length: 259 cm

Width: 81cm

Height: 85 cm

Wheelbase: 130 cm

Turning: circle 8.3m ( 9m wall to wall)



31kg (complete standard version with Continental SportContact high pressure tires)


3 x 406 Ertro ( 20″)



Front wheels: Drum brakes on both front wheels activated by a single brake handle.
Also used as parking brake.

Rear wheel: V brake (optional, required by law in some countries, advisable in mountainous areas)


24 = 3 Sram hub x 8 derailleur

Gear range with standard 65 teeth front blade (smaller blades possible):

In highest gear (24) 12.1m / crank revolution
In lowest gear (1) 2.2m / crank revolution



Battery operated long duration LED tail light with red reflector.
Front light (optional) Uses four very efficient white LED’s. Thanks to clever electronics it runs 72 hours (400 in blinking mode) on just 3 AAA (small) penlights. With blinking mode for visibility. Gives sufficient light for an occasional ride in the dark. If you ride in the dark a lot, or under difficult circumstances we advise to use 2 of these units, or to buy a heavier alternative.


Miscellaneous KV4 Velomobile Technical Data

One rear view mirror. (second one is optional).
A powerful bell (you will need it !)

Will I fit?

Maximum height is 195 cm, maximum weight is 95 kg.
Very broad shoulders restrict the maximum length as that means that the seat can not be put in the backmost positions. (The cockpit opening gets narrower towards the back. When foreseen during the building process, it is possible to make the opening a bit wider, so the seat can be moved back a bit further without the shoulders getting in the way)