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A canvas (001)
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a rear V brake set (002)
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a second mirror (003)
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a headrest (004)
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a Tail piece (013)
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1 x Basta IV pro head light (005)
2 x Basta IV pro head lights (005)
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Front Tires

( Your choice does not influence the price, rear tire is always a Marathon plus)

I want Schwalbe “Marathon plus” tires. (080/1)
With the excellent Smart guard puncture protection.
A very sturdy tire that is very suitable for poor road conditions. These fat tires guarantee a very comfortable ride. Rolling resistance is quite good.
Dimensions ETRTO 47-406 So it is 47 mm wide (20 x 1.75)
Tyre pressure 3 to 5 bar (45-70 PSI)
Weight 0.71 kg



KOJAK I want Schwalbe “KOJAK tires. Or similar
The choice if you will be riding mainly on reasonable roads.
A high pressure slick tire. Very low rolling resistance tire suitable for everyday use. Puncture protection “RaceGuard”.
Dimensions ETRTO 35-406 (20 x 1.35)
Tyre pressure 4 to 6.5 bar (55-95 PSI)
Weight 0.23 kg


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No obligations. We will not regard it as a real order until we receive your payment.

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