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Outside the EU

Sometimes serious problems arise with customs and transporters causing occasionally long shipping times. As long as you are aware that this may happen and accept that, we deliver worldwide.
Also note that building and driving the Velomobile is at your own risk and may be subject to regulations in your country that we are not aware of. It’s up to you to do your own due diligence before deciding to purchase, build and ride a Velomobile.


KV4 Velomobile kit Euro 2.820 (2.330 ex VAT)



Canvas (001)Euro 120 (Euro 99 ex VAT)

Keeps you dry in rain
0,38 kg



Rear V brake set (002) Euro 85 (Euro 70 ex VAT)

Second rear view mirror (003) Euro 30 (Euro 25 ex VAT)

Convenient if you want to have a mirror left and right.
The standard mirror that comes with the kit can be mounted left or right. 0,03 kg

Head rest Euro 60 (Euro 50 ex VAT)

Tail piece ( 013) Euro 37 (Euro 30 ex VAT)

A nice detail to add to your KV4 if you like it.
(It is not really very functional )



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