Order handling and payment

Step 1 Quotation request

Fill in the Quotation request form


Step 2 Automatic e-mail

You will get an automatic e-mail confirming reception


Step 3 Detailed quotation

We will process your request an send you an e-mail with a detailed quotation and all the information you need to do a payment. In this e- mail you can also check if the information you gave us is correct.
You will be asked to transfer the amount to our Dutch (ABNAMRO) bank account

Alternatively we offer the possibility to pay through PayPal, just send an e-mail to info@dutchbikes.nl if you prefer this option.


Step 4 Confirmation

Upon receipt of your payment we will send you an e-mail confirming your order and stating the final delivery time. (As this might have changed in the meantime.)


Step 5 Shipment

Your order will be shipped to you as soon as it is available.


Payment with credit card

Since the credit card companies charge about 5% for their services we have decided not to offer this possibility. Should there be great demand (let us know) we will comply (price would be up by 5% of course)

Data for international money transfer:
(if need be; to be extended to ABNANL2AXXX)
IBAN-code: IBAN NL85 ABNA 05183 98846
Some banks require this format: IBANNL85ABNA0518398846
Address of the bank: ABN-AMRO
Kerkplein 10
The Netherlands
Our address Dutch Speed Bicycles
Krachtenveld 46
3893 CD Zeewolde
The Netherlands

According to EU regulation, banks are not allowed to charge more for the transfer of money (in Euros) from an EU country to the Netherlands, than what they charge for a (local) national money transfer.


From non Euro currency countries:

Ask your bank for a “European payment” this will allow you to make a transfer for the same costs and conditions as for a national (local) bank transfer. Be sure to make the transfer in Euros and to use the abovementioned codes