KV4 Velomobile Kit

An easy to build Velomobile kit

The Velomobile kit contains all the necessary parts. Including all the required nuts and bolts, wheels, gears and seat.

A fully-faired (streamlined) recumbent trike

Riding your velomobile kitThis type of human powered vehicle is also known as Velomobile.

Easier to build

The completely new design makes it easier to build than it’s predecessor,┬áthe traditional Alleweder.
The key improvement of the construction is the frame.
This frame is made of beautifully machined 8mm aluminum.

velomobile kit construction part

Most of the material is machined away to make lightweight and strong parts

The frame also provides solid fixation points for the suspension.



A solid structure to build on

As a first step it can simply be bolted together.
Although this lightweight frame obtains its full strength only when it is riveted together with the rest of the KV4 , it gives you a solid structure to build on.
Aluminum pre cut sheet (some 0.6 mm, some 0,8 mm thick ) is pop-rivited to the frame to build the bike.

A step by step manual

Velomobile kit assembly manualWe offer an extensive manual that will guide you through the building process, step by step.
It is available in English only, but it has many pictures that make it easy to understand. It is free to download from this site. (pdf)

You will start by building the seat. Should you make a beginner’s mistake, you can easily correct it.

The manual is available in high and low resolution full color PDF. Most of the used pictures can be viewed in great detail on this site.


Pop riveting (rivets included) is a very convenient construction method. A pop rivet can be easily removed by drilling the rivet away. This will not damage the construction.


Delivery to your doorstep

It will be delivered to your doorstep, containing all the necessary parts.

The kit will be sent to you by regular parcel service. For practical reasons it is packed in two separate parcels.
1) a flat pack box containing all the flat pre-cut sheet aluminum parts and the CNC manufactured struts and ribs.

2) two boxes containing the wheels, the nosecone and all the remaining parts.

We use both mail as well as parcel services depending on the circumstances of the address where someone is present during the day. (Unlike postal deliveries there is no post office to collect the parcel, should there be no one home).

A very complete recumbent kit

Not just the frame and the faring but also the suspension, wheels, tires, gearing (24 gears derailleur/hub), chain, front wheel brakes, seat, Areo-grid seat cover, a rearview mirror are included in the Alleweder KV4 Velomobile kit.


The only options you might need are:

  • * A canvas rain cover
  • * Front lights
  • * Rear wheel brake
  • * Second rearview mirror