About Dutch Speed Bicycles

What does Dutch Speed Bicycles want?

What about Dutch Speed Bicycles?

About our name

Why Speed?
We are Dutch, so that is obvious, but if we call ourselves Dutch SPEED Bicycles, then why are we making Recumbents and Velomobiles? Because these are a lot faster than the fastest racing bikes!

We would like to see more Recumbents and Velomobiles on the streets.
We are convinced of the superior qualities compared to ordinary bikes.(See: About Recumbents)



Now here in The Netherlands we have plenty of recumbent shops. But we know that in many places it’s not so easy to find a recumbent outlet anywhere near.

By offering kits on-line we are able to offer the lowest possible prices, saving on labor and on shipping costs.


If you prefer to build from scratch, no problem, we can provide you with the special recumbent parts you need.
If you come up with a good design, we’ll be happy to post it to inspire others.

Healthy business

To allow us to keep doing that we also must make a living. That will enable us to turn our passion into our work and to become main promoters of the recumbent bike.


The production of Recumbents and Velomobiles is very much a small-scale event compared to the production of the traditional bike.

This makes the Recumbents and Velomobiles not only “strange”, but also quite expensive (See: Links, Manufacturers).

These Recumbents are very much worth their price. However it means that buying a recumbent is not an easy decision. (Will I really like it ?)


So, how does Dutch Speed Bicycles make Recumbents affordable?
Our approach is different:
– We are a 100% Internet company
– No showroom
This site is our showroom; you download the manuals for free, even before you decide to buy
-You buy directly.

No Factory of our own

We are not toying around in our garage. We have made careful designs. And then had specialised production companies make the parts according to our designs.

These companies use their machines also for completely different products. This is how we benefit from their economy of scale and craftsmanship.

For the Velomobile kits we work with Alligt, a company with decades of experience in Recumbents and Velomobile production. This saves money, and we pass it on to our customers.