Alleweder Velomobile Kits

Velomobile DIY kit – Human powered vehicle

Fun to build and great to drive.

The KV4 is a fabulous velomobile do it yourself kit that is fun to build and great to drive.

KV4The all aluminium KV4 is based on decades of development of the Alleweder.
The famous Alleweder velomobile goes back to the late 80’s.

The KV4 is a complete redesign following the proven technology of the Alleweder.
So it is a well developed product that has proven very suitable for everyday use.
A prototype had already made over 10,000 km without problems before the first production run was started.


A short gif video impression and Moreyou tube films on Velomobiles

A velomobile is a streamlined recumbent bicycle.

Zero CO2 emission

Because it is a lot faster and more comfortable than a standard bike it is a practical zero CO2 emission mode of transportation.

The production of the aluminium that is required to manufacture a KV4 kit produces an estimated 59 kg of CO2. That is the equivalent of no more than a 313 km drive in an average European car producing 189.8 gram CO2 /km!


Lot’s of attention for the KV4 during a tour through the Netherlands. Here on the middle of the Dutch “Afsluitdijk” in the north.

Very competitive priced recumbent

The KV4 is the worlds most affordable velomobile.

The KV4 as a kit for just Euro 2695
(Outside the EU where we do not need to charge the 21% VAT, just Euro 2265)

The KV4 is completely streamlined.
It is the streamlining that makes it very, very fast.
Yet in designing the streamline, no compromise has been made to every day use. There may be even faster velomobiles, but the KV4 is exceptionally pleasant and practical to drive!

  • * It is easy to get in and out of
  • * It’s nice in summer with plenty of ventilation
  • * It has comfortable, fully independent, suspension on all three wheels
  • * You are well protected from rain or snow with the optional canvas
  • * It has lots of luggage space
  • * It’s low weight (31 kg is quite good for a velomobile)
  • * It’s easy to build (no special skills required)
  • * It’s easy to maintain (rear tire is now very easy to replace)
  • * It’s faster than an extreme racing bike (monocoque frame, 3-spoke front wheel, closed rear wheel, body angle 10ยบ, at the same power output)


Very Complete Velomobile Kit

A step by step assembly manual with lots of pictures is available for free on this site.
The kit comes in two boxes and a flat pack delivered to your doorstep. It is complete down to the last rivet, wheel and cable, no other parts are necessary.