Forwarding charges

Delivery to your doorstep

Forwarding charges in Euros

Inside the European Union in EUROs
Austria 121,75
Belgium 121,75
Bulgaria 145,95
Cyprus 145,95
Czech Republic 145,95
Denmark 121,75
Estonia 145,95
Finland 145,95
France 121,75
Germany 121,75
Greece 145,95
Hungary 145,95
Ireland 145,95
Italy 121,75
Latvia 145,95
Lithuania 145,95
Luxembourg 121,75
Malta 145,95
Netherlands 121,75
Poland 145,95
Portugal 145,95
Romania 145,95
Slovakia 145,95
Slovenia 145,95
Spain 145,95
Sweden 121,75
United Kingdom 121,75

Outisde the European Union

Outside the EU € 389,15 (min)

It is not possible to obtain the kit without forwarding.

Prices inside the EU are including VAT.
Outside EU: duty payments if any to be paid by the customer.

Because of previous bad experiences (very long delays) with shipments to customers outside the EU. We can only accept your order from outside the EU if you are prepared the risk of having to wait a long time.

(we have had it happen that two out of three parcels arrived with a month delay, and that the last parcel took a little over half a year!)